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Antkins is the executive career service for leading professionals

Over 250,000 executive jobs

Career opportunities for senior-level professionals worldwide
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Opportunities starting from 60,000 €

High-level positions and exclusive headhunter career opportunities
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Over 10,000 Headhunters

Discreet access to Antkins's headhunter network
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Individual job recommendations

Customised positions for your career

In order to make your job search easier, you may specify your next career steps on Antkins. The Matching Technology takes these goals into consideration and displays matching positions to you via the job newsletter or directly onsite.
With the help of our mathematical matching algorithm, Antkins is constantly checking the qualifications from your candidate profile and your career steps against over 250,000 executive jobs and helps you find customised positions.
Benefit from the following career advantages:
  • Add your next career step to your profile to get even more relevant job recommendations, and to notify interested recruiters what your next job offer should look like.
  • Antkins compares the executive career opportunities with your next career steps and your profile. Based on this data, plus your qualifications, we'll recommend matching positions.
  • Recruiters can more easily identify you as a top candidate, and send you contact requests.

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    More than 250,000 executive jobs for senior-level professionals

    Gain transparency and easily keep track of the executive job market.

    Only high-level jobs which offer yearly salaries starting with 50,000 € are published on Antkins. With the aid of intelligent technologies we constantly segment the job market according to a series of key criteria. Our aim is to enable our members to make the right choice in their next career move.
    Antkins offers:
  • A vast selection of job opportunities handled by headhunters and executive search specialists.
  • Pre-selected executive jobs from over 8,000 renowned companies
  • A boost to your career: thousands of new job opportunities added every day
  • A wide range of senior-level job opportunities benchmarked at more than 100,000 €

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    Antkins salary benchmarks from 60,000 €

    On Antkins you will find an extensive selection of jobs for you as a senior-level professional. With Antkins’s salary benchmarking system you can gauge your earning potential and acquire data that may help in your next salary negotiation. Don’t miss out on any chance!
    The Antkins Benchmarks are an Antkins service, and they show you the estimated market value of a specific position. It is not given by the recruiters, and it is an estimate based solely on market data.
    The Recruiter Benchmarks are given by the recruiter advertising the job. They serve only as a reference. The actual salary to be obtained depends on factors such as professional experience and expertise.
    The salary benchmarks also help you gain a better picture of your market value as an executive. Are you earning what you deserve? Are you aware of your market value? Which role fits your experience the best?
    Get ready for your next salary negotiation:
  • Salary benchmarks to guide your strategy
  • Opportunity to search for 50,000 € plus jobs for senior managers using our intuitive benchmark scale
  • Chance to determine your market value as a manager: Antkins provides transparency on salaries according to industry sectors, functional areas and your personal career level
  • Upper hand gained in salary negotiations with the help of independent salary benchmarking
  • A wide range of senior-level job opportunities benchmarked at more than 100,000 €

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    Discreet access to Antkins’s headhunter network

    Antkins provides its members with access to an exclusive network of more than 10,000 approved headhunters. Headhunters actively search for matching candidates for their vacancies on Antkins. They seek for senior-level professionals like you!
    Introduce yourself to the Antkins network with a strong and relevant profile. Discretion and confidentiality are integral to Antkins. You decide which type of recruiter (headhunter, HR manager) has access to your career profile; you also decide how your profile is presented to them: in its entirety, in an anonymous format – or maybe not at all.
    Benefit from Antkins’s headhunter network:
  • Get contacted: over 10,000 headhunters use Antkins to gain direct access to candidates
  • Confidential access to a network of approved headhunters
  • Antkins is used by renowned headhunters and executive recruitment consultants.
  • Thousands of new job opportunities added every day

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    Membership and Benefits

    Your complete job search experience. Antkins is the executive career service: it combines an exclusive job market with a discreet recruiter network. Choose the right membership package for your next career move.

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    Customers satisfied with Antkins

    These testimonials speak for themselves. Antkins has already helped tens of thousands of high-level professionals to make a successful career move. Here, some candidates share their experiences and tell their personal Antkins story.

    Sales Engineer

    „Due to my proactive search and constant contact with headhunters via Antkins, I could develop professionally and I found a new position, which exactly fits my requirements. The thing I like most about Antkins, is that it is incredibly easy to apply to positions. Usually only a CV and the relevant certificates are required. I would recommend Antkins without a doubt.“


    Direktor Sales

    „My experience with Antkins was excellent. I know the site for some time now and previously only had a Basic-Membership. When I had the desire to develop myself professionally and to take on a new challenge, I upgraded to a Premium-Membership, which has more than paid off for me. After the first application, the interviews followed – with the headhunter as well as top management of my current company – in rapid succession.“


    Managing Director

    „A neighbour recommended Antkins to me. Due to his positive experiences with Antkins, I immediately familiarised myself with the platform and became a member. I quickly got the feeling that I was getting somewhere with Antkins. Some tools, like the Recruiter Benchmark for example, helped me tremendously in finding and filtering the right positions for me. Ultimately I owe my current position to Antkins.“