File Clerk



We are looking for an organized File Clerk to do file management and maintenance.

You will organize paperwork according to an efficient filing system and digitalize all important documents.

You will be expected to protect and update files as well as make them easily accessible to your colleagues.

A file clerk must be organized and possess a serious understanding of confidentiality and data protection.

The ideal candidate will be skilled in computers and detail-oriented.

The goal is to preserve the company’s records and manage paperwork effectively.


Store all paperwork in designated places securing the important documents

Create or update records with new files and information

Develop an efficient filing system to make updating and retrieving files easier

Enter paperwork into an electronic system either by data entry or by using optical scanners

Follow policies and confidentiality dictations to safeguard data and information


Excellent organizational skills

Knowledge of filing systems

Proven experience as file clerk

Dependable with a respect to confidentiality and policies

Great attention to detail

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